How Construction Managers Can Use CMIS To Deliver Award-winning Projects

How Construction Managers Can Use CMIS To Deliver Award-winning Projects

If you want to deliver award-winning projects, then pay very close attention to what I’m about to share with you about CMIS, a new cloud-based software you may not have heard of yet.

The main idea here is that this cloud-based software gives you a leg up to deliver award-winning projects by generating accurate and auditable daily and weekly diaries, progress payments, and change orders.

You should make it a priority to check out this cloud-based software because a seasoned public works inspector focused on federally funded projects developed the tool for construction managers, inspectors, and project owners which means you don’t have to learn a complicated tool to run your project.

Here’s how this tool helps you…

  • Digitize daily diaries and store values in a database rather than in PDFs or hard copies
  • Re-use the information in the database to dramatically reduce the time it took to fill in daily diaries
  • Quickly develop Q-Sheets to streamline payment applications
  • Provide a consistent format for all diaries, from project-to-project and inspector- to-inspector
  • Preload contractors, equipment, workers, and pay items once, and then access them from dropdown menus
  • Automatically collect and store daily weather conditions in the database
  • Easily record bid item quantities
  • Quickly add project photos to document daily work activity
  • Report on extra work at force account
  • Link project reference materials to the project
  • Give inspectors the flexibility to generate reports in the field or in the office
  • Link all inspectors together on projects
  • Make diaries immediately accessible to the project management team and the owner’s staff
  • Give users the power to find information with clever filtering and sorting functions

Here’s how you can put CMIS to work easily:

  • go to
  • put your information into the boxes
  • click the button to sign up for a hands-on demonstration
  • ask questions
  • get a quote with a customized license agreement
  • place your order
  • log in and start your project
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And guess what?: this breakthrough cloud-based software costs less than the cost of an office engineer.

You can use this cloud-based software at