The Construction Management Word Of The Day Is “Satisfaction”

Construction Management Word of the Day - Satisfaction

Most people hear the word satisfaction and they quickly imagine instant gratification.

When construction managers read the word satisfaction, they sometimes think of getting what they want, when they want it.

But some folks also think of self-indulgence.

But, when I read the word satisfaction, I picture opportunity.

I’ve got some definite opinions about the word satisfaction when it applies to simplifying project delivery, especially if you’re eager to make projects easy, dramatically reduce claims, close-out projects quickly:

  • Client satisfaction is an opportunity to turn clients into lifelong friends, which means you get more work with less effort.
  • Employee satisfaction is an opportunity to provide a great place for others to work, which means you can recruit excellent talent and reduce turn-over costs
  • Partnership satisfaction in an opportunity to fine-tune our processes to remove uncertainty, which means faster project delivery through trusted relationships
  • Team satisfaction is an opportunity to boost communication to provide clarity, which means you spend less time unwinding a poorly communicated message and more time delivering the project

The big takeaway: if you’re focused on project delivery, client satisfaction is more valuable than the revenue that comes in when your clients pay their invoice..

Here’s how we all can apply this to life — poll your clients regularly to understand what is working and what needs improvement. Then, don’t blow them off, do something about it! Share the results with your team; congratulate them for work well done and get their help to improve where needed..

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