This Software Helps CM’s Deliver Federal Funding Compliant Projects

Deliver Federal Funding Compliant Projects

CMIS is a proven cloud-based software that enables construction managers to deliver federal funding compliant projects.

Essentially, this cloud-based software helps you by generating accurate and auditable daily and weekly diaries, progress payments, and change orders. This means federal funding compliance is baked in.

All construction managers and owners delivering federal funding compliant projects should make it a priority to use this cloud-based software because a seasoned public works inspector focused on the Caltrans construction process purpose-built this tool. He focused every step and every screen to make it easy to use for construction managers, inspectors, and project owners. This means you don’t have to learn a complicated contractor’s tool to run your project or risk losing your funding or having your invoiced denied for reimbursement.

  • Here’s how this new cloud-based software helps you…
  • Digitize daily diaries and store values in a database rather than in PDFs or hard copies
  • Re-use the information in the database to dramatically reduce the time to fill in daily diaries
  • Quickly develop Q-Sheets to streamline payment applications
  • Provide a consistent format for all diaries, from project-to-project and inspector- to-inspector
  • Preload contractors, equipment, workers, and pay items once, and then access them from dropdown menus
  • Automatically collect and store daily weather in the database
  • Easily record bid item quantities
  • Quickly add project photos to document daily work activity
  • Report on extra work at force account
  • Link project reference materials to the project
  • Give inspectors the flexibility to generate reports in the field or in the office
  • Link all inspectors together on projects
  • Make diaries immediately accessible to the project management team and the owner’s staff
  • Give users the power to find information with clever filtering and sorting functions

Here’s the simple seven-step process you can do to put this federal funding compliant cloud-based software to work immediately:

Step One: go to

Step Two: put your information into the boxes

Step Three: click the button to sign up for a hands-on demonstration

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Step Four: ask questions

Step Five: get a quote with a customized license agreement

Step Six: place your order

Step Seven: log in and start your project

Better yet, this revolutionary cloud-based software costs less than an office engineer dedicated to the old way of doing things.